Birthday Wishes and Greetings for Father

Your father is the only person whom you can trust blindly. He may be a bit possessive but that is his love and protection for you. There is absolutely no one, not even your mom who can replace his love and care. So when it’s his birthday it is important for you to express your love for him and that is only possible when you have got the best wishes, greetings and presents for him. Most important are wishes for him which will bless him for his future endeavor. So here we have got a small list of wishes you can select from to wish your dad the happiest birthday ever. Don’t forget to kiss him. Wannna Make your friends birthday funny, try to send him the Top Funny Birthday Wishes of 2016.

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  1. Wishing happiest birthday to my dad who is like a sun shine in my life and is my prettiest shadow. I love you dad because of being who you are and for always supporting me in my best. May this birthday bring in the best to my dad with a healthy and a wonderful life ahead and may the entire blessings shower on you like blooming flowers.
  2. Happy birthday dad. It’s been so many years but I have never been able to express my love for you, but I suppose today is the perfect day and occasion to express my love for you. You have been there in my good and bad days and have always been a supportive figure. I pray to god that he blesses you with a happy and a wonderful future with all your blessings fulfilled.
  3. Happy birthday daddy. All I want to wish you on this birthday is nothing but a life full of surprises and fulfilled dreams. I still remember the days when we used to have fun chirping and playing together, because now you are far from the place it seems everything is so empty. Nevertheless I know you will return soon and will join us in the happy moments. I miss you and once again a very happy birthday.
  4. To my superhero and my love, happy birthday dad. You are like the field who supports blooming flowers and the sea who supports various life forms. Things just become better once you are there for me and the quote rightly reads “When you don’t become successful, call dad.” I love you and nobody can ever replace you in my life. Wishing you success and a wonderful life.
  5. Happy birthday dad. You are the light when I fall in deep shadows and you are my favorite superhero who has always been constant. There’s absolutely no power in this world that can replace the eternal bond we share and you my love. Your possessiveness for me has always been in the form of love and care and please forgive me if at all I have ever hurt you and your feelings. On this beautiful day I wish you a wonderful bash with a year full of surprises and happiness.



Birthday Wishes And Greetings For Grandma

Your grandma is the elder of the house who is humble, loving, caring and has got the best surprises for you and your siblings. With time she might become old and weak but her love for you never ends and the expectation of love from others is the only thing which enhances. Be it playing with you or holding the family together, she has got the best abilities and the best ways to make everyone happy. Here you will see the worlds best Wishes and Messages.

On her birthday she might not eat the cake, might not party like people but will surely be heartened when she knows about the birthday stuff. So when you’re planning for her happening birthday don’t forget to wish her with love. You can surely wish her through greetings or verbally for which we have prepared a list of messages to choose from.

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  1. Hey sexy, happy birthday. The way you move and groove is just so perfect and I love the way you dance babe. Yes, you are the most enchanting person in the whole family and have always surprised us all with your killer looks and beautiful style. May this birthday bring in loads of happiness along with a beautiful fashion sense.
  2. Hey grandma, happiest birthday. Age is just a factor and you have beaten all odds. Be it romancing your grandpa or making yummy dishes you have always been best in every possible thing. Grandma I could not arrange for a gift for you because I could not find any gift which could replace your love and care. So here’s wishing you a healthy and a wonderful life ahead.
  3. Simplicity, humbleness, generosity, affectionate and considerate are a few words in which I can describe you, dear Grandma. You are the epitome of motherly care, and one of the most adorable woman in the world. I am grateful for taking care of me in a way that no one could . For you, age is a mere count , still, on this precious day, I wanna wish you a joyful, merry and a happening birthday along with a healthy life and many more years of love and happiness.
  4. Even in the humdrums of our lives, the moribund city routines, where there is no time for ourselves, I miss the fairytales and fables which used to drag us to sleep, the yummy sweets and dishes you made on festivities and on my birthday, and your scolding on puny things. On this day, I just want to tell you that I will love you forever granny, then, now and forever. Happy birthday!
  5. A person whose laughter and continuous talks fill the air of the house, whose care and concern for everyone binds the family , whose experiences and advices sometimes give the most valuable life lessons, whose hair might have gone grey, hands might have withered, but the blessings are countless, yes, that’s my grandma. Loads of hugs, smiles and kisses to you lovely Lady, and best wishes to you on your birthday.

Birthday Wishes and Greetings For Best Friend

Your best friend is like your soul mate and is the only person with whom you can share your deep secrets and your belongings. you can always turn your blind eye towards them because they will never ditch you and will always be with you. So when it is time for a celebration and your best friend’s birthday you are to turn with the best gift possible and the superb wishes for his long life. So here we are with a pack of wishes you can use to wish your friends a very happy birthday.

1.Happy birthday stupo! Finally you have been successful in beating teenage pregnancy otherwise with your glamorous looks and beautiful eyes I could have been an aunt till now. Just kidding sweetheart. I love you loads and wishing my soul mate a wonderful birthday.

  1. Happy birthday best friend. You and me- we and on this beautiful occasion I want to be blessed from the almighty so that we continue this friendship in good spirit and love. Here’s wishing my darling many more years of love and happiness.
  2. Hey boy! Happy birthday. So here is another year of celebrating ageing with life and vigor. I wish that this birthday brings in lots of happiness, love and vigor to your throne and bless you with many more years.
  3. Hello birthday girl. Happy birthday and finally the teenage dream have started. I wish you the best birthday and many more such beautiful birthdays and graying of hair.
  4. With the clock ticking and the age arriving time flies and waits for none but your and my friendship remains to be immortal forever. Wishing my best friend a very happy birthday and may everyday turn out to be the best for you.
  5. So here’s another day of celebration, happiness and joy. My best friend’s birthday is here and he has finally crossed the teen. On this birthday I have nothing for you except a tight hug for you being my best friend forever and being the best mate.
  6. Happy birthday lovely! It’s time for a bash full of surprises and happiness. May this birthday bring in lots of prosperity and success to you. Wishing my best friend a wonderful day ahead.
  7. Happy birthday to you best friend. Here is another year adding up to your age. May your birthday ring you lots of love and luck.
  8. Age is just a number lessening life but the true fact is the more happy you are, more are the years of celebration. So wishing my only best friend a very happy birthday and a bag full of happiness so that she can lengthen her life.
  9. Hey kiddie! Happy birthday. All I can do is resort to just a birthday wish because you don’t deserve a gift stupid. With all the blessings I wish you a wonderful day and a beautiful life ahead. And I am not giving you a gift.

Birthday Wishes And Greetings For Mother

Your mom is not just your mother but a best friend, a teacher and the best companion ever. It takes 9 long months for a mother to keep her child in the womb and render a beautiful soul for the whole life. S o when it’s time for her birthday the most important thing she would expect is lots of love and good wishes which she actually requires every day. So here we are with the best wishes and greeting for your mother on her special day. Don’t forget to kiss her and tell her how important she is to you. Here Are some Beautiful Birthday Wishes For Mother.

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  1. Happiest birthday mom! My wishes and my gifts can never replace the labor pain you have experienced during pregnancy; it can never replace your love and dedication for me and can surely never replace the bond we share. So on the beautiful occasion of my mom turning up by a year here wishing her a beautiful life ahead, full of surprises and life.


  1. Hey mom, happy birthday. I always wanted to tell you how beautiful our relationship is but could never find a suitable occasion but today I would like to tell you that you are the best mom with the best values and teachings. You are the best thing alive and that I never want to lose you. Whatever be the situation and the circumstance I’ll always be there with you and for you. Thank for being you and raising me in the best way possible. Love you and wishing you a healthy and a beautiful life ahead.



  1. While I was walking with the pram you were there behind me, while I was drifting in the car you were besides me and now when I am maturing with my age you are there inside me. Yes mom there is no other person who is better than you and nobody can replace you ever. Wishing the best and the most beautiful mom a very happy birthday and wishing for her good heath and a happy future full of surprises and joy.


  1. With all the witty surprises you came into my life (rather I came into yours) and with all the love and blessings from god I have been blessed with a superwoman who is as important to me as food id to a beggar. You are the sparkle of my life mom, a very happy birthday and wishing you many more years with good health and lots of happiness. I know you love diamond thats why this gift is just for you.



  1. It’s my mom’s birthday and here’s wishing the most hardworking and beautiful mother a very happy birthday. Mom, there’s no better chef than you, there’s no better person than you and surely there’s no better mom than you. I remember all the sacrifices and dedications you have made till date just because of my growth and good well being. I wish that every child in this world is blessed with a mom like you who is just the perfect example of a beautiful person by soul.

Birthday Wishes And Greetings To Son

Your son is another father of your house who is strong, cute and legendary in his play. Even if he is a kid or an adult he will always remain to be your cute little kid and you will always continue to pull his cheeks in spite of his age and maturity. So while you are busy planning your child’s birthday wishes and messages turn up the best for his future. So we have got a list of wishes and messages for your sun on his birthday.



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  1. Happy birthday dear son. You have always been there like a stiff pillar supporting the whole family. Nothing can ever replace you or your love for all of us. Wishing you a wonderful life ahead full of love and happiness.
  2. Happy birthday son. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I spite of several hardships you have always proved yourself to be the best. All I have for you on the occasion of your birthday is wishes and blessings and I hope to see you soon achieving great things in life.
  3. To my son, a very happy birthday. I wish you a life full of success, opportunities and adventure. May all what you aspire come out to be true. Love you.
  4. Love, hugs and kisses champ. Happy birthday! You are the only person who is so enchanting and humorous in every move of yours. Here’s wishing you a life full of whatever you aspire for.
  5. Happy birthday baby boy. Yes in spite of crossing your teen you will always remain to be my sweet boy who used to cycle with me. You are the cutest and the most handsome boy and we will always love you.
  6. To my lover boy happy birthday. You are not my kid but my best friend with whom I can share all my secrets and of course you will always remain to be my kiddie. Wishing you all the luck and happiness for the future.
  7. Happy birthday. Boy you have always been my pillar of inspiration and my only support. You are the one who has given fatherly support to our house and in spite of several hardships you have always been a hero amidst so many problems. I wish you a beautiful and a happy life ahead.
  8. Happy birthday! My cute footballer and my only love happiest birthday. May all your dreams come out to be true one day and here’s wishing you all the love, blessings, love and joy for your future endeavors.
  9. Happy birthday son! You have been successful in crossing your teen and now you are an adult. With increase in age comes maturity and you have now been matured and now its time for you to get hold on your life. Wishing you all the best for four future.
  10. May this birthday bring in lots of happiness and joy in my champions life. Happy birthday and I hope to see a better you in the near future.