Beyonce And Her Breast Job

Beyonce Carter

Beyonce Carter born Beyonce Giselle Knowles- Carter, was born on 4th September,1981 in Houston,Texas. She is songwriter, singer and actress. She started early in shows as a singer and a dancer. And later rose to fame by her performance as a lead singer in R&B. In 2003, she released her debut album “Dangerously in Love”. She won numerous awards for her performance as a singer.Stardom never come easy, your talent cant take you long way you need to adopt to various changes and take up new things. Beyonce has shown us a perfect example of this. She has adopted step by step to the big world. This rockstar was pretty talented but now her talent and skills are topped with great figure and features. The question is, “how these changes can be natural”? They can’t be. Nature has no such power to transform you but plastic surgeries can.

Beyonce And Her Breast Job

Beyonce and Her Breast Job

This plastic augmentation started making waves in early 2002. Its also evident from her images, you will  see a lot of difference especially in her figure from the images after 2002. Earlier, her boobs were not only small but they didn’t even complement her cleavage ever but now she can proudly reveal her cleavage, it looks much sexy. Her breast size and shape both are killing it together. Her fans and plastic surgeries expert believe that it’s surely the work of a knife and no amount of weight gain can ever lead to such smart growth.

It’s said the change is so technical that it has increased from from a small B-cup to a D-cup.(that of course is not possible naturally). Her this surgery is always appreciated for the results be it her fans or plastic surgery expert. However when everyone loves the story that her breast tells, there are splits between their thoughts while some experts are clear that she underwent a surgery, some great plastic surgeons like Dr. Michael Salzhauer think that it can be because of small reasons like weight gain, push up bra or breast augmentation.Here are Beyonce Plastic Surgery Before & After Photos



Along with breast implants, she might have also opted for a liposuction. Her recent image that surfaced over the web, where she was seen enjoying at  the beach St Tropez, France suggests that she probably had a liposuction.Her tummy now looks pretty firm and tight.

Beyonce And Her Nose Job 

Apart from the famous boob job and liposuction, she is also rumoured to have undergone a nose job. Beyonce, earlier had a nose that was bulbous and broader, however now she has a  new nose that’s been placed on her face very cleverly in a sense that it suits her the best.

Lip Job

When you start with one change on your face, you end up getting other features renewed too because perfection needs to be crafted from everywhere. Similarly Beyonce had to opt for a lip job along with her rhinoplasty. Dont Forget to take a look at similar plastic surgeries like Lauren Graham After Plastic Surgery

Tips for Women’s Health

Here is a list of ways in which you must twist and mend some of the daily living styles and compete the jet fast race of today’s world to win it.The biggest of all role is played by your diet (the contents/ timing/portions), exercises and ability to manage stress.

A diet that is Healthy:

You will live a longer life if your heart is stronger.Try keeping the heart troubles at a bay.Prefer eating crunchy fruits, dry fruits and green leafy vegetables.Only whole grain variants like brown rice, whole wheat pasta. Opt for smarter lean proteins like poultry, fish, beans, and legumes.
Say no to processed and contaminated foods like sugar, salt, and saturated fats. Add decent number of cheat days in your strict diet and keep a tab on how they effect your diet also keep altering them if they are ruining your regular efforts.

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Exercise regularly:
A proper schedule of exercise must accompany a strict diet, while the diet makes you light, exercise will add years to your life and will make you quite active, sit down and make a combination of vigorous and moderate exercises.

Prefer stairs over elevators and a parking spot that demands you to walk enough.There will be a general result of all the above mentioned tips, you end up loosing the weight, feeling light on your toes and fortunately these two things are the prerequisites to keep the diseases like heart troubles, diabetes, and cancer at a distance.You wont believe this little secret is a part of Jennifer Lawrence Secret Diet plan, how cool is that!

Take help from Your Doctor:
Routine checkups are a must for women above 25 to keep a track of any possible fatal development. And rely on a particular doctor who is trustworthy, do not switch between doctors quite often.
Doctor will ultimately take charge of your conditions and will recommend you the vital supplements according to your age. You will also find a source of information , get all your doubts cleared as and when they crop up. (image source:

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Manage Stress:
Stress is the only reason, several women end up with a skinny body frame and tonnes of untimely wrinkles. Its better to stay away from stress and ultimately you will stay away from wrinkles. Its harder to do than to say. You can opt for the following alternatives to relieve stress like:

  • Deep breathing
  • Meditation
  • Yoga
  • Hot Oil Massage
  • Spring sessions
  • Brisk Exercises
  • Healthy eating
  • Socialising (not online)

Miley Cyrus Possible Surgeries

Miley Cyrus

Miley Ray Cyrus born as Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on 23 Novemeber, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee to Jean and Billy Ray Cyrus. She became a part of Television shows such as Doc and Big Fish in childhood. She became a huge Disney star by playing Miley Stewart in series Hannah Montana. Later she started with films by adopting mature image.

Teen star Miley cyrus, when made waves while essaying the role of Hannah Montana, she was known for her innocence and bubbliness. She came in front of camera quite early and she made sure that she was there for the years to come. Changes in your look during puberty are quite natural but when they are just perfect, then its quite difficult for the fans to settle at the claim that these changes are just natural. To stay in the glamour game, celebs do not mind undergoing surgeries, getting augmentations and injections, etc cause all this is done to satisfy their own self.

Miley Cyrus plastic Surgery

Possible Surgeries

Boob job

When Miley came into the Television world, of course she was pretty young for full growth. The sudden changes in the shape and size of her bust can be attributed to puberty but this is beyond naturals came into the discussions when a magazine hired 3 plastic surgeons to evaluate the changes in Few selected celebrities, they said that Miley Cyrus might have went under the knife to get voluptuous breast.This is so visible in her case because she has a tiny frame but now it’s topped with bigger and better bust size.Hannah Montana star has always said no to the building enquiries.

Miley Cyrus could live a normal life as she was in to the showbiz since the very beginning that could be a reason that she migjt have taken this bold decision. This decision is said to be bold because it was for all controversial reasons, she couldn’t anymore bear her innocent image and wanted to shed it and make a one that’s seductive on screen. These  perfect breast implants is the first step towards that image.

 Her Nose Job

Justifying breast growth as natural is still understandable but saying that her face looks different because of the change in her nose is not out of puberty but because of enhancements. Earlier her nose was bulbous. However now her nose looks much defined and sits on her nose proudly. Bridge of her nose is straight now.



Her gums are not much visible now, may be she is much confident about flaunting them now. She has probably undergone cosmetic dentistry. She gets best images clicked now with a superb smile. This surgery is known as gingivectomy that hides the desired amount of gums especially when one smiles.She has been luckiest of all the celebs to get the best of the results from her surgeries. None of her surgeries went bizarre rather they have gave her better boobs, subtle nose and great smile.

Lady Gaga Before And After Pictures

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)Obviously as the name suggests this Lady has been super successful at making people go Gaga over her eccentric performances, uniques demeanour and over the top costumes. Her wardrobe might be the most amazing thing on this planet that displays everything thats unique, lavish and powerful in its own way.

What else that stuns her fans and takes all their attention is the stark difference between her take on plastic surgeries and her actions pertaining to same.  Lady Gaga was seen as saying”I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification.” Her statements show as if she has great aversion from plastic surgeries because of moral grounds and condemns the idea of transforming your natural self.

Lady Gaga Before And After Pictures

These age old tactics of useless when made by Hollywood celebs, their fans are pretty clever to judge that their actions do not match with her words. These acts leave them disappointed. Thus she is suspected of several possible surgeries like

 Face Bones

Recently, her face bone started taking some different shape, she was said to have opted for some special kind of surgery. But she boldly came out and watered all hot rumours in one go, by saying, “I have never had plastic surgery. [The protrusions are] not prosthetics, they’re my bones.” But again its hard to believe herWhen you look at her images dating back to 2004, you won’t believe your eyes she looks as ordinary as one high school girl looks. The transformation game begun during  2005 as she made sure that she will hit the floor with great pomp and show.

 Nose Job Rumors

When she began she used to have a much round nose that too was not this well defined. However now she might have undergone a rhinoplasty to get it all right and we’ll chiselled. The impact is not only visible on the shape but also on the bridge of her nose which is now well carved. The size of her nose has also reduced over the years which is hardly possible naturally.


 Hip Augmentation Rumours

Who escapes from heavier butt especially when their job is to entertain the audience?Lady Gaga is not an exception, in order to get a much heavy butt she might habve used permanent available augmentatio  to Kill everything that hinders her path.

 Botox Rumors

It was difficult to judge this surgery because she mostly makes public appearances under heavy outfits ans make-up. But when she stepped without make-up, this tighter face raised heavy speculations that is surely used doses of botox to keep the lines of aging at a bay

Jocelyne Wildenstein Before And After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyne Wildenstein famously known as Cat woman was born on 5 August, 1940Lausanne, Switzerland. She is a New York Socialite known for expensive surgeries and her regular expense. At age 17, she started dating City Piguet, a producer. Later she went to Paris and lived with Sergio Gobbi. She was introduced by Saudi arms dealer to Alec Wildenstein.

Jocelyn Wildenstein: a name for weird plastic surgeries. Her journey with plastic surgery is not that as tragic as people think, especially for Cat woman herself. She thoroughly loves the result of her surgeries even when people feel disappointed because of her bizzare decisions. She was not that well known as a socialite, these surgeries threw the desired limelight on her. People coined a name for her which went on becoming a vital element of her identity, “Cat Woman”. She is a topic of all ladies gossip and spicy media houses. Apart from her eccentric surgeries she is also famous for the very reason, she underwent them. She simply wanted to impress her rich husband Alec Wildenstein who loved big cats. She wanted to be one. She spent over 4 millions to get all what she wanted.

She filed for divorce and accused his husband of infidelity. She niether regrets nor feels dejected over her decision, even when the person for whom she took the decision, no more was with her. She totally embraces her surgeries. She is not officially allowed to spend even a single penny received as her alimony on her surgeries.


Lip Augmentation

Her lips are extremely broad now. They begin from one corner of her face and extends to other. Her lips are injected with fillers and it’s evidently a deliberate overdose to yield better results.


Her face looks uplifted to get a shape like cat face. Her new appearance looks like a face of big cat. But her face now looks as of seventy year old womloo

Jocelyne Wildenstein Before And After Plastic Surgery

 Chin Surgery

Her chin looks more puffed up to look alike big cat. It seems that she had taken injections to get the fuller look.

 Brow lift

Her before and after pictures clearly shows that she had underwent plastic surgery for brow lift to change the shape of eyes, surgeons lifted her brows to upwards. When she was young, she used to look very beautiful and natutal. But after all that surgeries she had underwent had made her looks very weird. She stated many times that she is satisfied with all the surgeries despite of her looks.