Miley Cyrus Possible Surgeries

Miley Cyrus

Miley Ray Cyrus born as Destiny Hope Cyrus was born on 23 Novemeber, 1992 in Franklin, Tennessee to Jean and Billy Ray Cyrus. She became a part of Television shows such as Doc and Big Fish in childhood. She became a huge Disney star by playing Miley Stewart in series Hannah Montana. Later she started with films by adopting mature image.

Teen star Miley cyrus, when made waves while essaying the role of Hannah Montana, she was known for her innocence and bubbliness. She came in front of camera quite early and she made sure that she was there for the years to come. Changes in your look during puberty are quite natural but when they are just perfect, then its quite difficult for the fans to settle at the claim that these changes are just natural. To stay in the glamour game, celebs do not mind undergoing surgeries, getting augmentations and injections, etc cause all this is done to satisfy their own self.

Miley Cyrus plastic Surgery

Possible Surgeries

Boob job

When Miley came into the Television world, of course she was pretty young for full growth. The sudden changes in the shape and size of her bust can be attributed to puberty but this is beyond naturals came into the discussions when a magazine hired 3 plastic surgeons to evaluate the changes in Few selected celebrities, they said that Miley Cyrus might have went under the knife to get voluptuous breast.This is so visible in her case because she has a tiny frame but now it’s topped with bigger and better bust size.Hannah Montana star has always said no to the building enquiries.

Miley Cyrus could live a normal life as she was in to the showbiz since the very beginning that could be a reason that she migjt have taken this bold decision. This decision is said to be bold because it was for all controversial reasons, she couldn’t anymore bear her innocent image and wanted to shed it and make a one that’s seductive on screen. These  perfect breast implants is the first step towards that image.

 Her Nose Job

Justifying breast growth as natural is still understandable but saying that her face looks different because of the change in her nose is not out of puberty but because of enhancements. Earlier her nose was bulbous. However now her nose looks much defined and sits on her nose proudly. Bridge of her nose is straight now.



Her gums are not much visible now, may be she is much confident about flaunting them now. She has probably undergone cosmetic dentistry. She gets best images clicked now with a superb smile. This surgery is known as gingivectomy that hides the desired amount of gums especially when one smiles.She has been luckiest of all the celebs to get the best of the results from her surgeries. None of her surgeries went bizarre rather they have gave her better boobs, subtle nose and great smile.