Jocelyne Wildenstein Before And After Plastic Surgery

Jocelyn Wildenstein

Jocelyne Wildenstein famously known as Cat woman was born on 5 August, 1940Lausanne, Switzerland. She is a New York Socialite known for expensive surgeries and her regular expense. At age 17, she started dating City Piguet, a producer. Later she went to Paris and lived with Sergio Gobbi. She was introduced by Saudi arms dealer to Alec Wildenstein.

Jocelyn Wildenstein: a name for weird plastic surgeries. Her journey with plastic surgery is not that as tragic as people think, especially for Cat woman herself. She thoroughly loves the result of her surgeries even when people feel disappointed because of her bizzare decisions. She was not that well known as a socialite, these surgeries threw the desired limelight on her. People coined a name for her which went on becoming a vital element of her identity, “Cat Woman”. She is a topic of all ladies gossip and spicy media houses. Apart from her eccentric surgeries she is also famous for the very reason, she underwent them. She simply wanted to impress her rich husband Alec Wildenstein who loved big cats. She wanted to be one. She spent over 4 millions to get all what she wanted.

She filed for divorce and accused his husband of infidelity. She niether regrets nor feels dejected over her decision, even when the person for whom she took the decision, no more was with her. She totally embraces her surgeries. She is not officially allowed to spend even a single penny received as her alimony on her surgeries.


Lip Augmentation

Her lips are extremely broad now. They begin from one corner of her face and extends to other. Her lips are injected with fillers and it’s evidently a deliberate overdose to yield better results.


Her face looks uplifted to get a shape like cat face. Her new appearance looks like a face of big cat. But her face now looks as of seventy year old womloo

Jocelyne Wildenstein Before And After Plastic Surgery

 Chin Surgery

Her chin looks more puffed up to look alike big cat. It seems that she had taken injections to get the fuller look.

 Brow lift

Her before and after pictures clearly shows that she had underwent plastic surgery for brow lift to change the shape of eyes, surgeons lifted her brows to upwards. When she was young, she used to look very beautiful and natutal. But after all that surgeries she had underwent had made her looks very weird. She stated many times that she is satisfied with all the surgeries despite of her looks.

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