Lady Gaga Before And After Pictures

Lady Gaga (Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta)Obviously as the name suggests this Lady has been super successful at making people go Gaga over her eccentric performances, uniques demeanour and over the top costumes. Her wardrobe might be the most amazing thing on this planet that displays everything thats unique, lavish and powerful in its own way.

What else that stuns her fans and takes all their attention is the stark difference between her take on plastic surgeries and her actions pertaining to same.  Lady Gaga was seen as saying”I have never had plastic surgery, and there are many pop singers who have. I think that promoting insecurity in the form of plastic surgery is infinitely more harmful than an artistic expression related to body modification.” Her statements show as if she has great aversion from plastic surgeries because of moral grounds and condemns the idea of transforming your natural self.

Lady Gaga Before And After Pictures

These age old tactics of useless when made by Hollywood celebs, their fans are pretty clever to judge that their actions do not match with her words. These acts leave them disappointed. Thus she is suspected of several possible surgeries like

 Face Bones

Recently, her face bone started taking some different shape, she was said to have opted for some special kind of surgery. But she boldly came out and watered all hot rumours in one go, by saying, “I have never had plastic surgery. [The protrusions are] not prosthetics, they’re my bones.” But again its hard to believe herWhen you look at her images dating back to 2004, you won’t believe your eyes she looks as ordinary as one high school girl looks. The transformation game begun during  2005 as she made sure that she will hit the floor with great pomp and show.

 Nose Job Rumors

When she began she used to have a much round nose that too was not this well defined. However now she might have undergone a rhinoplasty to get it all right and we’ll chiselled. The impact is not only visible on the shape but also on the bridge of her nose which is now well carved. The size of her nose has also reduced over the years which is hardly possible naturally.


 Hip Augmentation Rumours

Who escapes from heavier butt especially when their job is to entertain the audience?Lady Gaga is not an exception, in order to get a much heavy butt she might habve used permanent available augmentatio  to Kill everything that hinders her path.

 Botox Rumors

It was difficult to judge this surgery because she mostly makes public appearances under heavy outfits ans make-up. But when she stepped without make-up, this tighter face raised heavy speculations that is surely used doses of botox to keep the lines of aging at a bay

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